Parimal Chandra Sen

Parimal Chandra Sen
NASI Senior Scientist

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Previous appointments:

1978-1980 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, State University of New York, Syracuse, USA
1980-1983 Research Associate, The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, Austin, Minnesota, USA

Research interests:

The main research interest is to work on different Biochemical aspects of  various  transport  enzymes e.g. Na+ ,K +-ATPase, Ca2+,Mg 2+-ATPase, Ca2+-ATPase etc and their interactions with different drugs (contraceptive and amphiphilic) and lipids in natural and model membranes; fluorescence behaviour of enzymes and how their function/activity are affected under various experimental (e.g. drug induced) conditions ; mechanism of regulation of transport enzymes by protein kinases, phosphatase, endogenous stimulator and/or inhibitor proteins ( to explore their role in cell regulation and if they have any phamacological importance and to use these modulators as drugs particularly as contraceptive drugs ),  characterization of peptide domain responsible for Ca2+-ATPase and Ca-transport ; determination of amino acid sequence of domain and if possible to clone it and compare the findings with the well known Mg2+, Ca2+-ATPase in order to explore the role of the ATPase  in fertility regulation; regulation of ATPases by synthetic compounds and their possible use as anticancer agent.

 Recently we have oriented our work to some synthetic compounds which are found to regulate different ion transporting enzymes. A  group of compound analog of calcium blockers have been synthesized.  A few of these  compounds named as Nifetepimine, Phemindole, Mephindole are found to be quite effective not only as an inhibitor of SERCA but are found to induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells to a significant level both in vitro and in vivo studies. Due to solubility problem nanoncapsulated approach to suitable vehicles have been used with significant success.


Address: Division of Molecular Medicine
Centenary Campus
Bose Institute
P-1/12 C.I.T. Scheme VII-M
Kolkata - 700054, India
E-Mail: parimal[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693222


Has been working with ion transporting enzymes (Na+,K+-ATPase, Ca2+- and Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPases etc) and their regulation by drugs, endogenous modulator proteins and protein kinase(s) for more than twenty years. He has made significant contribution in the above mentioned area which has been recognised Internationally as evident from publications of International repute.

The mechanism of regulation of ion transporting ATPases by Chloroquine (antimalarial drug) and Chlorpromazine (antipsychotic and antifertility drug) has been established both from in vitro and in vivo studies in different organs of rat.

During the investigation, a novel Mg2+-independent Ca2+-ATPase has been identified in rat and goat testes that has been purified and characterized and is found to take part in Ca2+-transport and Ca2+-pump regulation thus possibly is  involved in fertility regulation.

This Ca2+-ATPase has a lot of similarities with the well known Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase. From immunocrossreactivity study, it is found that both belong to SERCA (sarcoplasmic-endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase) family.

The ATPase activities (Na+,K+-ATPase and Ca2+- and Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase activities) are found to be regulated by endogenous modulator proteins of varying masses. One, molecular  mass of  13 kDa from rat brain cytosol was found to inhibit Na+,K+-ATPase and the other, a 12 kDa protein from the same source, regulate Ca2+- and Ca2+, Mg2+-ATPases by inhibiting former and stimulating the latter.

Therefore, the 12 kDa modulator is considered to be a specific tool in distinguishing the properties of Ca2+- and Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase, reported first time from our laboratory. Both of them have been functionally characterized with respect to the regulation of ATPases.

They also inhibit protein phosphorylation by a novel protein kinase ( PKx ) which is activated by arachidonic acid and has been purified and characterized in our laboratory from goat testis.

So these modulator proteins are believed to be involved in various cellular function (through protein phosphorylation) including the regulation of ATPase activities.

The phosphorylation and dephosphorylation steps of Ca2+-ATPase is comparable to Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase except that in the former case it is controlled by high and low concentration of calcium ion thus further strengthened the support of its involvement in Ca- transport in sperm cells thus fertility regulation like Ca2+,Mg2+-ATPase.

The 12 kDa modulator protein is found to be effective as female anti-fertility agent as evident from experiments with rat and rabbit. An Indian  patent has been awarded on this work.

Based on the above findings and available data, a scheme has been proposed showing the regulation of ion transporting ATPases by drugs, modulator proteins and protein kinase-C.

Recently a group of analogs of calcium blockers have been synthesized and their effects on Ca-ATPase are being investigated. At least one compound, we have named it as Nifetepimine, an analog of nifedipine, Phemindole and Mephindole (indole derivatives)  are found to be quite effective not only as an inhibitor of SERCA but effective to induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells at a significant level. Due to solubility problem nanoncapsulated approach to suitable vehicles have been used with significant success.


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  • The National Academy of Sciences ( F.N.A.Sc. ), India , 1998
  • West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (F.A.Sc.T.), 2009
  • Prof. P.B. Sen Oration Award from the Physiological Society of India, 2010
  • Prof. P.A.Kurup Endowment Award from the Society of Biological Chemists ( India ), 2000
  • Prof. R.C.Shah Memorial Award from Indian Science Congress Association, 1997-98


Enzymology and Cell Biology Course to Ph.D.  students at Bose Institute; Cell Signaling course to Ph.D. students; Cell Biology to integrated M.Sc. Ph.D. students; Basic Biochemistry Course to M.Sc. Ph.D. students; Cell Biology and Nano-Medicine in Integrated M.Sc.Ph.D. Programme in Life Sciences (Bose Institute).   


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