Dibyendu Narayan Sengupta

Dibyendu Narayan Sengupta
Senior Professor

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Previous appointments:

1. Research Associate ,KU, India on Biological Nitrogen Fixation by Lef surface bacteria from 1981 to 1984,

2. Visiting Fellow at NCI,NIH, Bethesda,MD,USA on Cloning & Characterization of Mammalian DNA Polymerase under Dr S. H. Wilson,from 1984-Dec.1986,

3. Project Fellow at USUHS, Betheda,MD,USA, under Prof. R.N.Silverman on Interferon inducible antiviral Protein from mammalian system from 1987 to 1990,

4. Lecturer, Dept of Botany, Bose institute,93/1 A.P.C.Road,Kolkata 700 009,India on Salt tolerance in Rice and DNA Polymerase from Rice, 1990 -1998,

5. With Sabbatical leave went to Cleveland Clinic, Ohio,USA to work on Transfer of Mammalian 2-5 A system in Plants May,1992 to March,1994 ,

6. Reader at the Dept of Botany, Bose Institute,93/1 A.P.C.Road, Kolkata 7009,India , Grants from CSIR,DST,DBT on Plant Science from 1998 - 2004,

7. Professor in the Dept. of Botany,Bose institute, 93/1 A.P.C.Road,Kolkata 700 009, worked on Plant Science with grants from CSIR,DST,DBT from 2004-2008,

8.Senior Professor i the Div.of Plant Biology, Bose Institute,93/1 A.P.C.Road,Kolkata 700 009,India on Plant Physiol.Biochem.Mol biol with Grant 2008 -Feb,2010

9.Senior Prof with Reemployment from March,2010 to Feb,2014, in the same dept, with grant from CSIR,DST,DBT,GOI working on Cloning of Plant DNA Polymerase lambda and Production of Transgenic Rice by over expressing OsBZ8 , transcription factor and polyamine biosynthtic enzyme to enhance tolernce to salinity stress and dehydration stress. and guiding PhD students, summer students, and teaching MSc i Plant Science in the institute.  


Research interests:


Address: Division of Plant Biology
Main Campus
Bose Institute
93/1, A. P. C. Road
Kolkata - 700 009, India
E-Mail: dibyendu[at]jcbose.ac.in
Phone: +91-33-23031119



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