Our aim: To combine experimental and theoretical approaches to understand fundamental and applied problems in biology and medicine using interdisciplinary approaches.

Systems biology: Iterative interactions between mathematical modelling and experimental validation to understand the dynamics of interactions among individual components which govern functioning of a system as a whole

Synthetic biology: Convergence of disciplines such as chemistry, systems biology and gene engineering to design and control biological pathways and processes for translatable biological applications

Our interests: 

  • Understanding gene regulation in bacteria at single cell level
  • Understanding gene regulation at the host-pathogen interface with special reference to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
  • Mathematical modelling and quantitative biology to understand human disease.
  • Metabolic engineering and manipulation of genetic networks for the production of useful biomolecules.

Faculty members associated with this programme:

Suman Banik

Joyoti Basu

Zhumur Ghosh

Manikuntala Kundu

Jayanta Mukhopadhyay

Sudipto Saha

Sujoy Kumar Dasgupta   (COORDINATOR)