Bose Institute has an established Ph.D. programme in physical sciences, life sciences and interdisciplinary sciences. Many of our alumni have become reputed experts in their fields. The institute is a national pioneer in research on astroparticle physics and cosmic rays, foundations of quantum physics and interdisciplinary physics. Path-breaking research in the fields of plant sciences, structural biology, molecular biology, biomedical sciences and biotechnology has been conducted at the Institute. The Institute also runs a vibrant Integrated M.Sc. - Ph.D. programme. 

Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at Bose Institute are encouraged to directly contact faculty members of their interest. Applicants possessing a Master's degree and a fellowship like NET-JRF (CSIR-UGC, DBT, ICMR etc.), DST-INSPIRE or equivalent would be admitted, if they successfully clear the interview.

Details about research in life sciences can be found on the individual faculty pages in the following institutional research programmes: (i) basic and applied microbiology, (ii) computational biology, (iii) molecular medicine, (iv) plant functional biology of stress responses for improvement and exploring plant genetic resources, (v) structural studies and biophysical problems, (vi) systems and synthetic biology, and, (vii) complex systems.

Details about research in physical sciences can be found on the individual faculty pages in the institutional research programmes on (i) basic and applied problems in physical and environmental sciences, and, (ii) complex systems