Research interests:

Exploring competitive endogenous RNA networks in human Myeloid Leukemia systems from the perspective of Statistical Thermodynamics and Computational Biology.


Address: Bioinformatics Centre
Centenary Campus
Bose Institute
P-1/12 C.I.T. Scheme VII-M
Kolkata - 700054, India
E-Mail: kamlika[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693275



1)       Exploring the major cross-talking edges of competitive endogenous RNA networks in human chronic and acute myeloid leukemia.

       K Sen, D Bhattacharyya, A Sarkar, J Das, N Maji, M Basu, Z Ghosh, TC Ghosh, BBA - General Subjects, 1862, 1883–1892, 2018.

2)      Deciphering the cross-talking of human competitive endogenous RNAs in K562 chronic myelogenous leukemia cell line.

       K Sen, A Sarkar, RK Maji, Z Ghosh, S Gupta, TC Ghosh, Molecular BioSystems 12 (12), 3633- 3642, 2016.

3)    Relevance of Pseudogenes to Human Genetic Disease.

       K Sen, eLS, John Wiley & Sons, 2013.

4)      Pseudogenes and their composers: delving in the ‘debris’ of human genome.

       K Sen, TC Ghosh, Briefings in functional genomics 12 (6), 536-547, 2013.

5)     Evolutionary conservation and disease gene association of the human genes composing pseudogenes.

       K Sen, TC Ghosh, Gene 501 (2), 164-170, 2012.

6)     Insights into eukaryotic interacting protein evolution.

       S Chakraborty, S Podder, B Kahali, T Begum, K Sen, TC Ghosh, Evolutionary Biology–Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and

       Genome,  Springer, 2011.

7)     On the quest for selective constraints shaping the expressivity of the genes casting retropseudogenes in human.

        K Sen, S Podder, TC Ghosh, BMC genomics 12 (1), 401, 2011.

8)     Insights into the genomic features and evolutionary impact of the genes configuring duplicated pseudogenes in human.

       K Sen, S Podder, TC Ghosh, Febs Letters 584 (18), 4015-4018, 2010.

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