Every year Bose Institute organizes a hands-on training programme on basic sciences for the school students of North-Eastern states during summer. The students from Sikkim as well as Darjeeling also participate in this programme. Three students from classes XI - XII, along with one science teacher from each of the North-East states, along with Sikkim and Darjeeling participate in this program which is held for 15  days.
The main goal of this program is to give hands-on training to students on different aspects of Physical, Chemical and Biological sciences. Students' are encouraged to perform the experiments themselves, ask questions and take part in discussions. A one-day popular lecture programme, open for all the school students of Darjeeling, is also arranged on this occasion which is delivered by an eminent scientist.

Format of the training programme
The format for the training programme is following:

Hands-on experiments on physical chemical and biological sciences
Students’ are given experimental lecture demonstration by the resource person. The students then perform experiments by themselves in the presence of resource person. They are encouraged to design small experiments to test and verify different theories of physical, chemical and biological  origin

Fun with mathematics: 
The main aim of this is to encourage the students to enjoy the basic mathematical concepts such as probability and permutation & combination. Puzzles and quizzes are used to convey the basic mathematical concepts. 

Biodiversity and nature walk
Students are taken to the Darjeeling Botanical garden and also for a nature walk around Darjeeling. Resource persons accompanying the students discuss the bioresource of the regions and different aspects of biodiversity as well as the ecological relationships.

Introducing the basic concepts of research on environmental sciences carried out at the Darjeeling National facility of Bose Institute
Students are introduced to the basic concepts of meteorological parameters and their measurement techniques. An interactive session is arranged to introduce the different aspects of the climate, basic methodology of observations and other scientific activities. Students are also introduced to the different instruments for environmental research in the Bose Institute.in the Bose Institute.

Popular lecture by eminent scientists
Open lectures by eminent scientists are arranged. These lectures were attended by a large number of students and teachers of the local schools along with the participants of NESST-BASE.

Previous NESST-BASE programs : 
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