About us:

Bose Institute is a premier Scientific Research Institute in India founded by Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose in 1917. Besides basic multidisciplinary research Bose Institute is now running M.Sc.-Ph.D. Programme in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences in collaboration with Calcutta University. To communicate with the weaker section of the society Bose Institute has started a Rural Biotechnology Programme. Out of seven campuses of Bose Institute Falta Experimental Farm was chosen as the Centre for Rural Biotechnology Programme. On recommendation of Scientific Advisory Committee Rural Biotechnology Programme was initiated at Falta Experimental Farm in 2008. From 2013 another societal programme was initiated under the umbrella of Rural Biotechnology Programme named Scheduled Tribe Specific Rural Biotechnology Programme as one of the core programmes of the Institute with a special fund from DST, Government of India.


About Falta Experimental Farm

Falta Experimental Farm is situated at Falta just on the bank of the river Ganges and adjacent to Falta Police Station. The distance of Falta Experimental Farm is about 60 km from Centenary Campus of Bose Institute. The Falta campus has two components, a) the Acharya J.C. Bose Bungalow complex and b) the Farm complex. 

Falta Experimental Farm is an ideal place for educational tour for school, college and university students and teachers. The permission may be obtained from the Director, Bose Institute. Such study tour is permissible in any working day between 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.


What to visit in the Farm?

1.     Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose’s statue

2.     Acharya J.C. Bose’s living room and attached museum

3.     Posters and models of various Rural Biotechnology Programmes of the Institute.

4.     Live activities like: Vermicompost production unit, Bee-keeping and workshop on bee-keeping box construction, mushroom cultivation and mushroom spawn production, plant tissue culture, orchid house, Fern house, Betel boroj, Fish breeding Hatchery, Rain water harvesting for drinking purpose, Rain water harvesting for irrigation purpose, Azolla and Salvinia cultivation, Medicinal plant garden, Poultry, Aquarium fish and know your neighbouring plants, vegetable gardens, flowers and beautiful scenic beauty of the Acharya J.C. Bose Bungalow on the bank of the river Ganges.

5.     Movie on Rural activities of the Institute.

We also organize training on different Rural Biotechnology Programmes on request on mutually convenient time.  For charge structure of the training programmes please see under Awareness and Training head.


Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose’s statue

The sculpture of Acharya J.C. Bose at Falta Experimental Farm was unveiled in 2014. The sculpture was installed at the northern side of the lawn of bungalow. The architect of the sculpture is famous sculptor, Padma Shri Biman Bihari Das. The replica of same sculpture was also installed in Madhyamgram Experimental Farm, Salt Lake Campus and Darjeeling Campus.


Acharya J.C. Bose’s living room and attached museum:

Acharya J.C. Bose’s bungalow of Falta Experimental Farm is situated just on the bank of the river Ganges. It is a beautiful place and maintained regularly throughout the year. The white building of bungalow is an example of English architecture. Acharya J.C. Bose lived in this building when he visited Falta. At present living room of Acharya J.C. Bose in the first floor has been conserved and the attached hall is converted to a museum. The replica of posters of main museum of Bose Institute at Rajabazar Campus and some books on J.C. Bose have been displayed in the museum. The ground floor hall is presently used as lecture hall for conducting training during the training programme of Rural Biotechnology Programme. Department of Physics used their cosmic studies in this building using high power telescope. The Environmental Science Section installed instruments on the roof of this building for all season weather studies. The office of the Farm is situated in the bungalow beside the entrance.


Garden and flowers at Acharya J.C. Bose’s Bungalow:

The garden and lawn of the bungalow complex is maintained beautifully throughout the year. In winter season the seasonal flowers and horticultural plant becomes the main attraction of Falta Experimental Farm. The small pond in the bungalow complex is used for watering the plants and also used for fishery purpose.