Swati Gupta Bhattacharya

Swati Gupta Bhattacharya
Senior Professor

Research interests:

  1. Aerobiology and Palynology
  2. Allergen biology: structure, function, and immunology of Allery eliciting molecules
  3. Allergens: for improvement of Diagnosis and therapy
  4. Biomarkers of Allergy


Address: Division of Plant Biology
Main Campus
Bose Institute
93/1, A. P. C. Road
Kolkata - 700 009, India
E-Mail: swati[at]jcbose.ac.in
Phone: +91-33-23031129



To identify and record the prevalence and distribution of common airborne pollen grains and fungal spores in different ambient environments and their relationship with allergy related health hazards.


Study of pollen morphology and ultra-structural characters in solving disputed plant taxonomical and phylogenetical problems.

Allergy and Immunology:


  1. Identification of allergenically significant pollen, spores, and foods and assessment of their allergenic potential by in-vivo and in-vitro tests.

  2. Proteomics, serological studies, and purification of allergenic proteins from potent allergenic sources.

  3. Identification, purification, cloning, expression and immunological study of the recombinant allergen for molecular diagnosis.

  4. Understanding the 3D structure of the allergens by in-silico and biophysical studies.

  5.  Understanding the epitope (IgE and T-cell) structure and features of allergens.

  6. Strategies to produce genetically modified hypo-allergens for desensitization (immunotherapy) of allergic patients.

  Projects undertaken and ongoing:

  a) Funding from CSIR

“Diagnosis of mold allergy among inhabitants of urban and rural peoples of the gangetic plane of west Bengal through aerobiological and immunochemical studies.”

   b) Funding from DBT

1. “Studies on mould spore diversity as environmental allergen in outdoor and indoor environments of urban and rural areas of Agartala, Tripura. (Co-PI: Dr. T. K. Ghose)

2. Development of Molecular Diagnostics and Immunotherapeutic Vaccines for Prawn and Brinjal Allergy (Co-PI: Dr. Sudipto Saha)

   c) Funding from ICMR.

Systematic discovery of biomarkers of asthma caused by common environmental allergens using human plasma proteomics, cytokine profiling and network biology – a systems approach to drug discovery. (Co-PI: Dr. Sudipto Saha)

d) Funding from World Wildlife Funds (WWF):



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  1. Sircar G#, Saha S#, Gupta Bhattacharya S*, and Saha S. "Allergic asthma biomarkers using systems approaches." Frontiers in genetics 4 (2014): 308.

(*- corresponding author and #- equal contribution)

Book Chapter

  1. Sircar, G., Sarkar, D., Bhattacharya, S. G*., & Saha, S. 2014. Allergen Databases. Methods in Mol. Biol. Immunoinformatics (Humana Press) (pp. 165-181). Springer New York. Impact factor-1.9

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*- corresponding author 

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    I am involved in teaching the integrated MSc.-PhD students and Ph.D. course work for the research scholars on the following topics such as (i) Plant Proteomics, (ii) Pollen biology, (iii) Allergy and Immunology


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    profile image Bijoya Karmakar SRF Division of Plant Biology Main 23501131 bijoya
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    Research fellows:

    1. Gaurab Sircar

    2. Debarati Dey

    3. Nandini Ghosh

    4. Sangeeta Roy

    5. Koyel SenGupta

    6. Moumita Bhowmik

    7. Moumita Biswas Sarkar

    8. Sukhendu Maity

    9. Subham Bhakta

    Supporting staffs:

    1. Chanchal Chakraborty, Technical Officer

    2. Soumyo Shubhra Gupta, Technical Assistant

    3. Asish Bera, Lab attendant

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