Soumen Roy

Soumen Roy
Associate Professor

Previous appointments:

Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, The University of Chicago

Center for Computational Science and Engineering, University of California, Davis

Research interests:

  • Complex systems
  • Statistical physics
  • Network Science
  • Microbial systems (Theory and Experiments) 
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Address: Department of Physics
Main Campus
Bose Institute
93/1, A. P. C. Road
Kolkata - 700 009, India
E-Mail: soumen[at]
Phone: +91-33-23031150


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Our interdisciplinary lab is a part of the Department of physics. We are associated with two institutional research programmes themed around: (i) complex systems, and, (ii) physical and environmental sciences.

On the theoretical side--we apply tools from statistical physics, network science, non-linear dynamics and game theory to gain new insight in a wide variety of physical and biological systems.

We also design and conduct experiments in parallel with mathematical modelling--to achieve a better understanding of communication, competition and cooperation in microbes.

Recent work by students of our lab has been published in interdisciplinary, physics and life science journals like Bioinformatics (Oxford), Scientific Reports (Nature), Physical Review E (APS), Applied and Environmental Microbiology (ASM) and Frontiers in Physics (Frontiers).


Patents as Principal Inventor:

A system and method for analyzing videos of application or function for feature identification of the videos and related application or function (IPO 628/KOL/2015)
Soumen Roy et al.    

Copyrights as Principal Author:

Software for analyzing videos of application or function for feature identification of the videos and related application or function Registration number: SW-10052 (2018) ] 
Soumen Roy et al.

Papers in journals:

* Corresponding / Co-corresponding author

A pedestrian review of games on structured populations [Invited review]
International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics [Springer], 11, 138-152 (2019) 
Saptarshi Sinha, Susanta Ghosh and Soumen Roy*

Role of a 19S proteasome subunit - PSMD10/Gankyrin in neurogenesis of human neuronal progenitor cells
International Journal of Stem Cells (2019) (Accepted)
Indrajit Sahu, Padma Nanaware, Minal Mane,  Soumen Roy*, Prasanna Venkatraman*

Modeling phage-bacteria dynamics
Methods in Molecular Biology [Springer] (Submitted)
Saptarshi SinhaRajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

Topologically inspired walks on randomly connected landscapes with correlated fitness
Frontiers in Physics [Frontiers], 6: 138 (2018)
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal, Saptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*

Modeling bacteria-phage interactions and implications for phage therapy
Advances in Applied Microbiology [Academic Press], 103, 103-141 (2018) 
Saptarshi SinhaRajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

Dynamics of Mycobacteriophage-Mycobacterial host interaction - evidence for secondary mechanisms for host lethality 
Applied and Environmental Microbiology [ASM] 82 124-133 (2016)        PDF        Supplementary Information
Sourabh SamaddarRK GrewalS Sinha, S Ghosh, Soumen Roy* and Sujoy Das Gupta

Selected as article of significant interest by Editors for AEM Spotlight 

Using complex networks towards information retrieval and diagnostics in multidimensional imaging
Scientific Reports [Nature] 5: 17271 (2015)     arxiv:1506.02602     PDF         Supplementary Information
Soumya Jyoti Banerjee, Mohammad Azharuddin, Debanjan Sen, Smruti Savale, Himadri Datta, Anjan Dasgupta and Soumen Roy*

Slow poisoning and destruction of networks: Edge proximity and its implications for biological and infrastructure networks 
Physical Review E [APS]  91 022807 (2015)     arxiv:1409.8268    PDF 
Soumya Jyoti BanerjeeSaptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*

Mapping networks of light-dark transition in LOV photoreceptors 
Bioinformatics [Oxford] 31 3608-3616 (2015)    Supplementary Information 
Rajdeep Kaur GrewalDevrani Mitra and Soumen Roy

Modeling proteins as residue interaction networks [Invited review]
Protein & peptide letters 22 923-933 (2015)
Rajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

Perspectives in systems biology
Editorial for special issue
Systems and Synthetic Biology [Springer] (2014) 8: 1-2    PDF
Soumen Roy*

Efficient scheduling using complex networks
Osamu YamaguchiSoumen Roy* and Raissa M. D'Souza

Systems biology beyond degree, hubs and scale-free networks: the case for multiple metrics in complex networks
Systems and Synthetic Biology [Springer] (2012)  6: 31-34 
    arxiv:1205.2318     PDF 
Soumen Roy*

Key to network controllability 
Arising from Nature  473  167-173 (2011)   arxiv:1209.3737
Soumya Jyoti Banerjee and Soumen Roy*

Analysis of early host responses for asymptomatic disease detection and management of speciality crops
Critical Reviews in Immunology 30 277-289 (2010) 
A. M. Dandekar et. al. 

Resilience and rewiring of the passenger airline networks in the United States
Physical Review E  82  056101 (2010)  arxiv:0901.0774     PDF 

Daniel R. Wuellner,  Soumen Roy* and Raissa M. D'Souza 

Strong associations between microbe phenotypes and their network architecture
Physical Review E  (Rapid)  80  040902(R) (2009)  arxiv:0901.0775      PDF 
Soumen Roy* and Vladimir Filkov

Modeling and verifying a broad array of network properties
Europhysics Letters  86 (2009) 28003   arxiv:0805.1489     PDF
Vladimir FilkovZachary M. SaulSoumen RoyRaissa M. D'Souza and Prem Devanbu

Network growth with feedback
Physical Review E  (Rapid)  78  045101(R) (2008)  arxiv:0805.4020    PDF  
Raissa M. D'Souza and Soumen Roy*

Motion of a random walker in a quenched power law correlated velocity field
Physical Review E  73  026106 (2006)   cond-mat/0511008   PDF 
Soumen Roy* and Dibyendu Das

Giant coherence in driven systems
J. Stat. Mech. (2006)  P09012    cond-mat/0511519    PDF
Soumen Roy*, Debasis Dan and A. M. Jayannavar

Is small-world network disordered?
Physics Letters A  352  13 (2006)    cond-mat/0409012   PDF 
Soumen Roy* and Somendra M. Bhattacharjee

Enhanced Thermodynamic efficiency in time asymmetric ratchets
J. Stat. Mech. (2005) P04012    cond-mat/0412303  PDF
Raishma Krishnan,  Soumen Roy* and A. M. Jayannavar

Invited book chapters:

"Systems biology in plant cells and their organelles" in 
"Plant cells and their organelles"
John Wiley & Sons Ltd (2017). Editors: Dashek and Miglani
Rajdeep Kaur GrewalSaptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*  

        [Book Review: "Perhaps the most important chapter in this book ...", Elizabeth Friar, Crop Science (2017) 57 3360-3361 ]         

"Complex networks and systems biology" in 
"Systems and Synthetic Biology
Springer Netherlands (2015).  Editors: Singh and Dhar
Ushasi RoyRajdeep Kaur Grewal and Soumen Roy*

"Networks, metrics and systems biology" in 
"A systems theoretic approach to systems and synthetic biology I: models and system characterizations
Springer Netherlands (2014). Editors: Kulkarni, Stan and Raman
Soumen Roy*

Contributed book chapters:

"The network route to biological complexity" in 
BIOMAT 2015 - Proceedings of the 15'th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology - IIT Roorkee 
World Scientific (2016). Editor: Mondain
Soumya Jyoti BanerjeeRajdeep Kaur GrewalSaptarshi Sinha and Soumen Roy*  

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  • Academic Editor, PLOS ONE, June 2018 - present
  • Regular Associate, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (UNESCO), Trieste, Italy, 2017-present
  • Editor, Special Issue, Systems and Synthetic Biology (Springer), 2014
  • Hon. Assoc. Editor, Indian Journal of Physics (Springer), 2012 - present
  • Member, Planning Commission Task Force on Systems and Synthetic Biology, 2011


Statistical Physics - II

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2019-2020

Statistical Physics - I

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2017-2018

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2016-2017

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2015-2016

Computation and numerical techniques - I

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2014-2015

   Integrated Ph.D. in Physical Sciences                                        2013-2014

Dynamical systems (Tools of systems biology - II)

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences (Bose Institute)                        2014-2015

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences (Bose Institute)                        2013-2014

Networks (Computational and systems biology)

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences                                                2014-2015

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences                                                2013-2014

Concepts of approximations (Tools of systems biology - I)

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences                                                2014-2015

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences                                                2013-2014

   Integrated Ph.D. in Life Sciences                                                2012-2013


Image Name Designation Department Campus Contact number Email
profile image Deep Nath Junior Research Fellow Physics Main 23031148 deep


Former Doctoral Fellows:

Rajdeep Kaur Grewal (Jan 2012 - Jul 2017)   --   Current / next affiliation: Ohio State University, USA
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Studies on Biological Networks
Ph. D. Registration: University of Calcutta (Applied Mathematics)

Soumya Jyoti Banerjee (Jul 2011 - Dec 2016)   --   Current / next affiliation: TCS Research and Innovation
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Structural aspects of complex networks and their applications
Ph. D. Registration: University of Calcutta (Applied Mathematics)

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