Sidharth Kumar Prasad

Sidharth Kumar Prasad
Associate Professor

Previous appointments:

Assistant Professor, Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA, October 2015 – January 2020

Research Associate-II, Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA, September 2014 – September 2015

Research Associate-I, Bose Institute, Kolkata, INDIA, September 2013 – August 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA, January 2011 – August 2013

Research interests:

Research area: Experimental High Energy Physics (HEP)

Goal: Study the properties of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) matter under extreme conditions of temperature and/or pressure using heavy ion collisions.


Address: Physical Sciences
Unified Academic Campus
Bose Institute
EN-80, Sector V
Bidhan Nagar
Kolkata - 700 091, India
E-Mail: sprasad[at]
Phone: +91-33-25693244


My research work is in the field of Experimental High Energy Physics (HEP) and focus on the characterization of a novel state of QCD matter with partonic degrees of freedom known as Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) formed in relativistic heavy ion collisions. My research activities include: (a) Detector development & instrumentation for the HEP experiments (b) Active participation in two most important experimental collaborations in this field, A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE) at Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN, Geneva and Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment at future Facility for Anti-proton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI, Germany (c) Data analysis and interpretation (d) Simulations and software development and (e) Model based studies.


Selected list of publications:

10. Sumit Kumar Kundu, Saikat Biswas, Subhasis Chattopadhyay, Supriya Das, Anand Kumar Dubey, Chandrasekhar Ghosh, Ajit Kumar, Ankhi Roy, Jogender Saini, Susnata Seth and Sidharth Kumar Prasad; Development of a water-based cooling system for the Muon Chamber detector system of the CBM experiment; Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 1050 168143 (2023); arXiv: 2204.09752 [physics.ins-det]

9. ALICE Collaboration; Measurements of the groomed and ungroomed jet angularities in pp collisions at s = 5.02 TeV; Jour. of High Energ. Phys. (JHEP) 05 061 (2022); DOI: 10.1007/JHEP05 (2022) 061; arXiv: 2107.11303 [nucl-ex]

8. A. Kumar, A. Agarwal, S. Chatterjee, S. Chattopadhyay, A. K. Dubey, C. Ghosh, E. Nandy, V. Negi, S. K. Prasad et al.; Commissioning and testing of pre-series triple GEM prototypes for CBM-MuCh in the mCBM experiment at the SIS18 facility of GSI; JINST 16 09, P09002 (2021); DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/16/09/P09002; arXiv: 2108.05646 [physics.ins-det]

7. Sumit K. Saha, Debojit Sarkar, S. Chattopadhyay, Ashik Ikbal Sheikh, Sidharth K Prasad; Study of medium modified jet shape observables in Pb-Pb collisions at sNN = 2.76 TeV using EPOS and JEWEL event generators; Nucl. Phys. A 1006 122064 (2021); DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2020.122064; arXiv: 2101.02685 [hep-ph], 2111.01200 [nucl-th]

6. Rathijit Biswas, Subikash Choudhury, Sidharth K Prasad, Supriya Das; Study of jet- medium interactions using jet shape observables in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies with JEWEL; Jour. of Phys. G 46 9 095004 (2019); DOI: 10.1088/1361-6471/ab2e69; arXiv: 1906.05513 [hep-ph]

5. R. P. Adak, S. Biswas, S. Das, D. Ghosal, S. K. Ghosh, A. Mondal, D. Nag, T. K. Nayak, R. N. Patra, S. K. Prasad, S. Raha, P. K. Sahu, S. Sahu, S. Swain; Long-term stability test of a triple GEM detector; JINST 11 10, T10001 (2016); DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/11/10/T10001; arXiv: 1608.00562 [physics.ins-det]

4. ALICE Collaboration; Charged jet production cross sections and properties in pp collisions at s = 7 TeV; Phys. Rev. D 91, 112012 (2015); DOI:; arXiv:1411.4969 [nucl-ex] (NOTE: The important outcome of the paper is also highlighted in January 27th (2015) edition of the CERN COURIER:

3. ALICE Collaboration; Inclusive photon production at forward rapidities for proton- proton collisions at s = 0.9, 2.76 and 7 TeV in ALICE at the LHC; Eur. Phys. J. C 75 4 146 (2015); DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-015-3356-2; arXiv:1411.4981 [nucl-ex]

2. Shantam Ravan, Prabhat R Pujahari, Sidharth K Prasad, Claude A Pruneau; Correcting Correlation Function Measurements; Phys. Rev. C 89 2, 024906 (2014); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.89.024906; arXiv: 1311.3915 [nucl-ex]

1. Sidharth K. Prasad, Victor Roy, S. Chattopadhyay, A. K. Chaudhuri; Elliptic flow (v2) in pp collisions at energies available at the CERN Large Hadron Collider: A hydrodynamical approach; Phys. Rev. C 82 024909 (2010); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.82.024909; arXiv: 0910.4844 [nucl-th]

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    1. Subject: Interfacing and Computing Tools

    ( M. Sc. Semester-2, Paper-MPHC4252, Module: CE-IC)

    2. Subject: Fundamentals of Linux/Unix

    (PhD course work: A-level course)

    3. Subject: Computer Programming and Monte Carlo simulations for High Energy Physics

    (PhD course work: B-level course)


    Image Name Designation Department Campus Contact number Email
    profile image Abhi Modak Senior Research Fellow Physics Unified
    profile image Mintu Haldar UGC Junior Research Fellow Physics Unified
    profile image Prottoy Das Senior Research Fellow Physics Unified


    1. Mr. Vipul Pant (IIT, Kanpur, UP; 2022)

    Summer project: Understanding particle and jet production mechanism in pp collisions and jet-medium interactions in PbPb collisions at LHC energies

    2. Mr. Shivam Maharaj (NIT, Rourkela, Odisha; 2022)

    Summer project: Study of photon production in forward rapidity region using ALICE experiment at LHC

    3. Mr. Umesh Kumar (Bose Institute, Kolkata, WB; 2021)

    Master thesis: Study of inclusive photon multiplicity and its √s dependence at LHC energies 

    4. Mr. Sunil Batesar (Bose Institute, Kolkata, WB; 2021)

    Master thesis: Photon production in pp collisions at 5.02 TeV with ALICE

    5. Mr. Abhi Modak (Bose Institute, Kolkata, WB; 2018)

    Master thesis: Evolution of jet production with centre-of-mass energy in proton-proton collisions at LHC

    6. Mr. Prottoy Das (Bose Institute, Kolkata, WB; 2018)

    Master thesis: Study of jet properties in proton-proton collisions using PYTHIA simulations

    7. Mr. Keshav Kumar (Applied Physics Department, S. V. NIT, Surat, Gujarat; 2018)

    Summer project: Study of a water based cooling system for the Muon Chamber detector of the CBM experiment

    8. Ms. Nilanjana Nandi (Rajabazar Science College, Calcutta University, Kolkata, WB; 2018)

    Summer project: Differentiating quark and gluon jets using R80 observable 

    9. Ms. Debapriya Das (IIT (ISM), Dhanbad, Jharkhand; 2018)

    Summer project: Study of underlying events and their multiplicity dependence in pp collisions at 7 TeV

    10. Mr. Nirmalkumar Shiroya (Applied Physics Department, S. V. NIT, Surat, Gujarat; 2017)

    Summer project: Contributions of quarks and gluons to final state jets in pp collisions and their momentum, rapidity and energy dependence

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