The Darjeeling campus of Bose Institute, comprising the Mayapuri and Haimavati buildings and the adjoining land, enjoys a special place in the history of Bose Institute. The premises were built with great love and care by the founder, Acharya J.C. Bose himself in 1920, with aesthetic advice from Rabindra Nath Tagore, Nandalal Bose and many others. It had played host to many illustrious personalities over the years and was also the seat of many fundamental scientific works by J. C. Bose, D. M. Bose and their students.  D. M. Bose and Biva Choudhury did their cosmic ray experiment here (along with Sandakphu and Pharijong). This campus commands great respect among the residents of the area. The historical importance apart, the site also provides unique research opportunities in the realm of high altitude science, identified to be a very important endeavour.

The campus presently hosts a National facility for Astroparticle Physics and Space Science. This facility, with the scientists from Bose Institute as in-house faculty and scientists from various other partner institutions, is devoted to the experimental and observational research in Cosmis Ray, atmospheric chemistry, climate study and chemical weather. This facility has been established with  the funding from Department of Science & technology,  Govt. of India under the IRHPA (Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas) scheme. Another proposed experimental site is expected to be operative in future at Sandakphu (altitude ~13000’). Supplementary measurements are being carried out at North Bengal University at Siliguri (sea level) as well as Tiger Hill (altitude ~ 8480’). In addition, substantial efforts are devoted to disseminating science to the populace, especially school and college students, of the hill region, with the aim of encouraging them to pursue careers in scientific and technological fields. Presently scientists are also involved to the study of Cosmic ray interactions and Cosmic Ray – aerosol – Cloud connection in the context of regional climate change.