About Us

To communicate with the weaker section of the society Bose Institute started Rural Biotechnology Programme at Fata Experimental Farm (about 60km away from Head quarter) in 2008 on recommendation of Scientific Advisory Committee. I have been given the charge of that farm designate me as the Coordinator of Rural Biotechnology Programme of the Institute. During 2008-2012 I developed Fata Experimental Farm as the hub for Rural Biotechnology Programme of the Institute. During that period we used to conduct 2-4 Hands on Training Programme on four different aspects like vermiculture and vermicompost production, bee-keeping, mulberry sericulture and mushroom spawn production and mushroom cultivation. Next year we continued the work as previous years. At the end of 2013 DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, the parent Ministry who funded Bose Institute Sanctioned Rs. 8.00 cror for five years to Bose Institute in its core grant to work on “Scheduled Tribe Specific Rural Biotechnology Programme” and Bose Institute authority given me the responsibility to coordinate that programme also. So since the beginning of 2014 till date I am actively involved in that programme. As per DST this programme is no longer a year bound programme and DST will continue to send money under the Scheduled Tribe Sub-Plan to the Institute’s core grant as long the Scientific Advisory Committee recommends it. In the last Scientific Advisory Committee meeting the committee strongly recommend continuation of the programme and creation of training facility centre to accommodate more trainees and recommends deployment of manpower for extension of the programme.

Prof. Samir Ranjan Sikdar
ST Specific Rural Biotechnology Programme
Bose Institute